Offering Custom Barrel Threading

30 Cal (7.62mm) Barrel with Thread Protector

.03 Cal(7.62mm) Barrel with 9/16" 24TPI Thread

223Cal(5.56mm) M-4 Barrel with 1/2" 28TPI Thr.

9mm Glock Barrel with 13.5mm x 1 Thread

Temporarily Discontinued

We offer barrel threading on all types of weapons and use top quality CNC equipment. The only thing we ask is that you ship the barrel only (Stripped from the receiver) and it be from a legal firearm. We will also need the size and type of thread you want and the device that will attach to the thread if possible. This allows me to cut a thread that matches your device perfectly.

The cost is $85.00 and up depending on the complexity; plus shipping.